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Mt. Katahdin Ascents

Guided hikes on Mt. Katahdin, in Maine’s Baxter State Park.

Guided Maine Hiking Trips

Mt. Katahdin Guided Ascents

Katahdin is an Abenaki word meaning “Great Mountain”, and great it is! Katahdin is the centerpiece of Baxter State Park and the highest peak in Maine, rising to nearly one mile above sea level.

Great Mountain Guide Service welcomes guests of all ages and skill levels, and we take pride in our ability to provide a safe and educational hiking experience. Since 2015 we have seen guests from the local area and from far and wide, all over the world.

The key to a successful and rewarding Katahdin hike is planning and preparation. We remove the guesswork so you can relax and enjoy your Mt. Katahdin ascent.

In addition to Mt. Katahdin, the surrounding mountainous region, Baxter State Park, and the Penobscot River corridor offer numerous options for day and overnight hiking adventures!

Planning a Katahdin Ascent

We Take the Guesswork Out of Planning

Each spring GMGS reserves Baxter State Park parking passes required to access the “trailhead” options to summit Katahdin. This guarantees us a parking pass for the planned dates. In April, we list our secured Katahdin Ascent dates below and post them to our social media accounts.

*If our secured Katahdin Ascent dates are not your desired day to hike we are happy to procure the passes and design a custom trip for you! Contact Us for details.

2024 Katahdin Ascent Dates

Fully Booked

Roaring Brook – Saddle – Baxter Peak

Fully Booked

Roaring Brook – Saddle – Baxter Peak

Roaring Brook – Chimney Pond – Baxter Peak

Fully Booked

Roaring Brook – Chimney Pond – Baxter Peak

Fully Booked

Roaring Brook – Helon Taylor – Pamola Peak – Baxter Peak

Roaring Brook – Chimney Pond – Baxter Peak

Fully Booked

Roaring Brook – Helon Taylor – KNIFE EDGE – Baxter Peak

Roaring Brook – Chimney Pond – Baxter Peak

Fully Booked

Roaring Brook – Chimney Pond – Baxter Peak

Fully Booked

Katahdin Stream – Hunt Trail – Baxter Peak

Welcoming all Skill Levels

Hikes for Everyone

There are what seems to be an endless number and combination of trails and options to reach Katahdin’s summit.

For beginners and children under the age of 15 (exceptions may be made) we suggest hiking to the well-known Chimney Pond via the Chimney Pond Trail. From Chimney Pond there are numerous options for all abilities to reach the summit.

For the more experienced, Helon Taylor Trail, a 4 mile long steep and more demanding trail, brings you to the summit of Pamola Peak (Elev. 4919′). If the famed Knife Edge is part of your desired Katahdin Ascent, from Pamola Peak we tackle “the chimney” a very steep section of Knife Edge before summiting South Peak and finally Baxter Peak (Elev. 5,268′).

Another popular option is the Hunt Trail, part of the Appalachian Corridor and either the very start or very end of a thru-hikers journey. Accessed via Abol Campground, Abol Tail and Katahdin Stream Campground the Hunt Trail is approx. 5 miles (one way ) to Baxter Peak.

Booking Information

Please submit an Ascent Request Form and we will contact you to confirm your dates and details.

Katahdin Ascent: $450.00 per person

Includes transportation in the park, parking pass, bag lunch & Medkit. Solo hikers to groups up to 10 hikers are welcome.

Guests will meet their guide at the South Entrance of Baxter State Park Road at 5:30 A.M. on the morning of their Katahdin Ascent. GMGS will provide transportation to the “trailhead”. We guarantee our guests a parking spot by pre-ordering the parking pass prior to the ascent date. *WE HIKE RAIN OR SHINE*.  We prepare our guests to take on “ANY WEATHER” with a “GEAR/PACKING LIST”. “ANY WEATHER” is weather that your guide deems safe and passable. Our guides and staff reserve the right to stop a trip or turn a group around in inclement weather – extreme cold, wind, rain or lightning.

Hikers must expect to spend several hours walking and climbing, outdoors and in the elements. Being prepared with the right gear and resources is important to safely realize your dreams of ascending Mount Katahdin. The best advice we can give our clients and friends is “ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING” – you don’t have to be the hikiest hiker to ever hike, you just need a good ATTITUDE! When you are prepared and have a positive attitude you can make even a cold, wet, foggy summit into a wonderful memory or experience.

Equipment & Supplies

Gear Packing List

Guests are responsible for bringing the items suggested in the “Gear Packing List”  ie: suggested backpack (size for a day hike is 30 to 60 liters, a backpack for an overnight suggested size is 60 to 100 liters), footwear, clothing, and other gear. We will provide a full “Gear Packing List” when your dates are confirmed and the reservation is paid in full.

*Trekking Poles are not provided by GMGS. Hikers are welcome to bring their own!

Lunch, Water & Snacks

GMGS provides a Bag Lunch includeing, chicken or veggie wrap, whole fruit, chips, cookie, assorted nuts and jerky. Clients should bring their favorite and preferred hiking snacks ie: candies, “chews” and “goos”, nutritional bars, and electrolyte replacement drinks or powders.

A water purification pump is provided by GMGS. Guests must bring 2 reusable water bottles or a “bladder” with a working straw.

Medkit & Medications

A medkit will be provided by GMGS. Hikers are welcome to bring their own small medkits and are encouraged to bring their own braces/supports if needed. *CLIENT MUST BRING MEDICATIONS AND PRESCRIPTIONS IF NECESSARY.